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30 November 2015

Illusive 4

I was lucky enough for a few of my

                                       illustrations to be included in the recent (and rather lovely) 
                                                   book Illusive 4, published by Gestalten!

21 February 2015

A Farewell To Arms

                                    Last year I was lucky enough to be asked to work on another book for
                                    the wonderful Folio Society, illustrating A Farewell to Arms by
                                    Ernest Hemingway.

                           Above is a little photo of the cover design, and below one of the illustrations
                           from inside of the book. 

1 May 2012

Night Cafe

A few more images based upon the character of the Lady in the Red 
Dress. The narrative follows the character as she visits a night cafe.

9 December 2011

The Lady In The Red Dress

These are images from a wordless narrative I have been working on, 
                                                     about a lady who likes wearing sunglasses and gloves...

28 October 2011

20 July 2011


                                           This was an experiment with layout/text and drawing and painting things
                                            which began with letters of the alphabet.